The Path to your Goal Physique

Step by step fitness transformation guide

This short guide contains a roadmap for changing your physique into the one YOU want. It will help you identify the type of physique you’re after and then give you a practical strategy to achieve it. By the end of this report, you should have a solid grasp on what it will take (and look like) to achieve the physique you desire.

Your Instructor

Radu Antoniu
Radu Antoniu

Radu believes in personal growth. He believes that people feel happiest when they are progressing towards a clear objective.

His passion for self-improvement probably began because he grew up feeling inferior to his peers. As a kid, it was difficult for him to find his place in school and his group of friends.

He started lifting weights in high school to impress the girls, but that didn't last long. He quit after 8 months due to lack of results.

In 2012 he joined a sales company along with his brother where they met two managers who later became their mentors. Radu spent a year working for them, time in which he adopted their life philosophy. He learned that there was more to life than just getting by. Everyone can achieve their goals through study and hard work.

In search of a big goal that would push him to grow, he started lifting weights again in 2013. One year later after reaching his goal of "looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club" he wanted more. So he followed in the footsteps of Greg O'Gallagher of kinobody.com and started his own fitness website.

Radu now writes and talks about how you can achieve your physique goals while also growing in other areas of your life. He believes that fitness should not be your main focus, but only be a part of your life. After all, besides looking great we all want more from life.

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